The Hybrid Book

THE HYBRID BOOK FAIR THE HYBRID BOOK FAIR took place June 5-6 2009, in Gershman Hall at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA. Over 100 artists and vendors from the United States and abroad traveled to Philadelphia for the event.

A number of awards were presented to exhibitors on the second day of the event. Representatives of the awarding institutions selected the recipients.

Hybrid Book Fair Award Recipients:
Bright Hill Press Word and Image Award:
Mimpish Squinnies by Abigail Rorer
College Book Art Association Student Award:
Before and After by Donna Globus
Columbia University Purchase Award:
A Pink Story by Maureen MacCallum
Free Library of Philadelphia Purchase Award:

Collected Offset Books of Bea Nettles
Jaffe Center for Book Arts Purchase Awards:
The Way to Be Empty by Sun Young Kang
Vegetable Papyrus by Robert Lewis
Journal of Artists' Books (JAB) Emerging Artist Awards:
800,000 by William Snyder
Baghdad Times by Antonio Serna
Philadelphia Center for the Book Regional Award:
The Way to be Empty by Sun Young Kang
Swarthmore College Purchase Award:
Topography of Home by Macy Chadwick
Temple University Purchase Award:
Good/Best by Elise Wiener
The University of the Arts Purchase Awards:
Catalog for the Second Encyclopaedia of Tlön by Peter Malutzki and Ines von Ketelhodt
Album by Ines von Ketelhodt
University of Pennsylvania Purchase Award:
A Guide to Higher Learning by Julie Chen
Wellesley College Purchase Award:
The Way to be Empty by Sun Young Kang
Yale University Purchase Award:
Cunning Chapters by Susan Johanknecht

Participating Book Sellers include:
Oak Knoll Books
Priscilla Juvelis*
Vamp and Tramp Booksellers

Participating Artists and Presses included:
Alice Austin Artist Books, Alice Austin
Cynthia Back
Katie Baldwin
Big Jump Press, Sarah Bryant
The Black Spot Books, Margaux Kent
Caroline Rutledge Armijo
Cake & Pie Press, Citizen Hydra Projects, Mary Tasillo
Mary-Ellen Campbell
The Center for Book Arts
Chester Creek Press, Robert Walp
Chevington Press, Bob Wakefield
Ceci Cole-McInturff
Combat Paper Project
Sandra C. Davis
Delaware Valley Guild of Bookworkers
Double Elephant Press, Michael Kuch
Dumplings & Pants, Bobby Rosenstock & Erin Sweeney
Editions Roselin, Jacques Fornier
Nicole Eiland
Exit 343 Designs, Stephanie Harvey
Fire Frog Press, Adrienne O’Hanlon
Flatbed Splendor, Bridget Elmer
Flying Fish Press, Julie Chen
Caroline Garcia
Judy Gelles
The Great Danger Press, Regan Gradet
Leilei Guo
Hand-Built Tools, Shanna Leino
Hand Papermaking
Douglas Holleley, PhD, Clarellen
Andrew Huot
ilfant Press, Lisa Hasegawa
Impractical Labor, Bridget Elmer & Emily Larned
In Cahoots Press, Macy Chadwick
Incline Press, Graham Moss and Kathy Whelan
Ines von Ketelhodt & Peter Malutzki
Indulgence Press, Wilber (Chip) Schilling
Ink-A! Press, Textura Printing, Inge Bruggemen
Intima Press
Ansley Joe
Susan Johanknecht
Sun Young Kang
Viola Käumlen
Khelcom Press, Peter Bogardus
Dorothy Simpson Krause
Kelly Kutchko
Charlene Y. Kwon
Leopard Studio Editions, Sue Huggins Leopard
The Lone Oak Press, Abigail Rorer
Margot Lovejoy
Marlene MacCullum
Mary McCarthy
Daniel Mellis
MaryAnn Miller
Melanie Mowinski
Memory Press, Maria Pisano
Susan Mills
Lesley Mitchell
Naughty Dog Press, Emily Martin
Bea Nettles
Ninja Press, Carolee Campbell
Notta Pixie Press, Jenny Craig
Oak Knoll Books
Tara O’Brien
The Philadelphia Center for the Book
Gregory Pizzoli
Pointed Press, Tricia Treacy
Pomelo Press, Anh-Hoa Thi Nguyen
Preacher’s Biscuit Books
Primrose Hill Press, William E. Butler
Robin Price, Publisher
Red Charming, Emily Larned
Red Trillium Press, Steven C Daiber
Reflective Press, Rosae Reeder
Rocinante Press, Michelle Wilson
Miriam Schaer
Allison Schulte
Laurel Schwass-Drew
Allison Schulte
Scottatuks, Skuta Helgason and Scott McCarney
Antonio Serna
Mimi Shapiro
Shawn Simmons
Jesica Simpson
Jill Sluka
Snout Press, James Engelbart
Jennifer Sparkman
Spitz & Pollack, Amee J. Pollack
Andrew Strode
Studio on the Square
Super Session Press, Richard Stephens
Sushmita Ideas & Design, Sushmita Mazumdar
Mary Taylor
Tiny Revolutionary Press, Amanda D’Amico
Turtle Light Press, Rick Black
The University of the Arts MFA Book Arts/Printmaking Program
The University of the Arts Undergraduate Printmaking/Book Arts Department
Visual Studies Workshop, Joan Lyons
Elysa Voshell
Susan Weinz
Catia Whitmore
Elise Wiener
Thomas Parker Williams
Janine Wong
Ewa Zebrowski

*Sponsor of the Hybrid Book